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Wake County is experiencing unprecedented growth.

With that growth we are also experiencing a huge influx of refuse into our one landfill. Very few people actually stop to think about where their trash goes once it’s gone; out of sight out of mind.

The people of Wake County also rarely think about what happens when our landfill becomes full. Most never even realize that a landfill can become full. But they can, and do.

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When it opened in 2008, the expected lifespan of the South Wake Landfill was 25 years. However, its anticipated close date of 2033 is continually readjusted down as our county’s population growth consistently outpaces projections. Simply put, unless we as a community learn to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle we will no longer be able to ignore what happens to our trash when we throw it away.

McJunk is dedicated to our community and our environment. We put in extra work to ensure that we are able to keep 80% of the items we collect out of the landfill. We recycle everything that can be recycled, from paper, glass, cardboard, and plastics to batteries to metals to grocery bags to outdated communications technology and computers to usable construction materials, and everything in between.

We donate as much as possible to local charities like Cause for Paws, The Raleigh and Durham Rescue Missions, DORCAS, and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. We seek to lead by example, and we aim to help teach our clients how they can live the Three R’s as well.

We Are Local

Both of McJunk’s managing partners were born and raised here locally.

We have deep roots in Wake County and genuinely care about its people and environment. This is the community that helped to raise us, that made us the people that we are.

We collect school supplies to donate to local students and teachers, food and clothes for people in need, old blankets and towels for local animal shelters, books and bibles for the local jail and prisons, and much, much more.

And we love to talk to people about recycling, either to teach them how to reduce what they send to the landfill or learn from them new ways that we can do the same.

Get $20 OFF when you book online!

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