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We get requests daily for junk pickup in Fuquay-Varina NC. This isn’t much of a surprise since we’ve been doing this for quite a time. What really is surprising for us is the number of requests that are so similar. Though requests come in from many of the surrounding cities and towns in and around the Triangle area and of course, in Wake County, the homeowners, and calls are usually pretty much the same.

McJunk offers all types of junk removal services in the Raleigh Triangle area!

Home Junk Removal in Fuquay-Varina

General Junk Removal – We have TOO much stuff!

The most frequent one call – “There’s so much junk in here – Can you come by and pick up stuff tomorrow?” We get this call every day – several times. Absolutely yes, we could come and remove junk pretty much any day. Usually, these calls come in from people who have finally decided they wish to take back a free bedroom, want to clean up their garage – which has eventually become a catchall. Sometimes it is that they want to just remove the years’ worth of old stuff in the loft, garage or another storage area. Occasionally homeowners need a little help moving stuff around to even GET to the trash. Sometimes, it is a remodel job or bringing in new furniture and looking for a quick solution to eliminate the old. We work with these people each and every day and we appreciate them.

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The After Move Out Cleanup

We get a fair amount of these kinds of calls…

“Yes, we just purchased a house in Fuquay-Varina and we need serious professional help removing all of the trash. We’ve decided NOT TO take a lot of stuff and we don’t have time for a yard sale. Seriously, we don’t even want the aggravation of seeing this stuff again – we just need this to be OVER” A yard sale can be a ton of work and sometimes you just need to be able to move on and leave the dirty work to someone else. We can even come in after you have moved out so you barely have to see us while we work. We give and recycle whatever we can and are eco-friendly.


The After Move-In Cleanup

This type of call doesn’t occur regularly, but it still happens sometimes – rental situations, foreclosures, inherited properties. “We just took over a house and the previous people left trash EVERYWHERE” Sometimes previous owners just don’t clean up before they leave. Broken TVs, sofas, loveseats, misc tables, garage stuff, outdoor tools – often broken, old non-working things. We can haul all of this stuff out for you with no problems. Just imagine if you had to move and haul all of that on your own, it could take you days!

There’s no end to the stuff that individuals need to be taken from their homes. Helping a homeowner take back their residence, get stuff IN their house, get stuff OUT of their property, cleaning out a crowded storage room, as well as helping a true or “about to be” hoarder get things back in shape are all very satisfying for us at McJunk.

Learn why we are the BEST at home junk removals in the Triangle!

Business Junk Removals in Fuquay-Varina NC

Companies and offices move from time to time, that’s just the nature of business. It truly is the best chance to eliminate built up old office equipment, desks, chairs, old electronic equipment including computers, cubicle components and pieces and whatever else that has been gathering dust. Numerous office locations build things up over time just like any residence would. When you think about it, the employees might as well be living there sometimes. Things that appear “too good ” to simply throw away – and perhaps may be utilized down the road in a pinch. We have ALL had those things. Eventually, these items are just old and it is time to let them go, they’re junk!

McJunk is the company you should contact to get rid of as much or as little as you need. Get rid of a few offices to make room clean out after workers have left – or come in and take it all down to bare walls following a move or a close. It’s completely up to you. We’re load-based so you will not pay for more than we haul out of there for you.

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Real Estate Management – Fuquay-Varina NC Cleanouts

We imagine you’ve had more than a few homeowners move out while leaving a whole lot of garbage if your in any type of property management business. Maybe they were not particularly satisfied with being moved out. We are sensitive to the needs of property management businesses and understand the situations that may develop. That said, we’re the best at getting everything gone – and doing it fast. Just like we clean out residential properties, we can clean out local apartments, condos, rental homes, mobile homes. We can clean them up, whether it is old unwanted stuff or simply garbage.

We work efficiently with property management through the entire Triangle area and obviously in the Fuquay-Varina NC, and the entire Wake County area. McJunk will promptly and effectively pick up any and all junk and get the property ready for final cleanup, painting, carpeting and prepared to be re-rented or put on the market. Junk removal for property management companies – consider McJunk as your FIRST call!