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Pile of old tires to be hauled offHere at McJunk, we get calls every day for junk removal in Holly Springs NC. This is not much of a surprise since we’ve been doing this for QUITE a while now. What is interesting for us is the number of requests that are so similar. While we work all around the Raleigh Triangle and calls do come in from many of the cities and towns there and of course, in Wake County, the homeowners, requests are generally about the same accross the board.

McJunk offers all types of junk removal services in the Raleigh Triangle area!

Residential Junk Removal in Holly Springs NC

General Cleaning – Just a small whimper on the other end of the line.

The most frequent one call – “There’s so much stuff in here – Can you come by and pick up things this week?” We get this request daily – several times sometimes. And yes, we are able to come and remove trash on pretty much any day. Generally, these requests come in from people who have finally decided they want to take back a free bedroom, need to re-open their garage – which has become a catchall. Sometimes it is that they need to just get rid of the years’ worth of old stuff in the attic, garage or another storage area. Occasionally, it is a remodeling job or bringing in new furniture and looking for a fast method to remove the old. We work with these kinds of people each day and have no problem working with them.

ready to declutter

The After Move Out Cleanup

We regularly get these requests…

“Yes, we just purchased a house outside of Holly Springs and we need professional help removing all the trash. We have decided to NOT take a lot of things and we do not have time to have a yard sale. Seriously, we do not even want the annoyance of seeing this stuff again – we just want this to be OVER” A yard sale is a huge hassle and you may just not have time for it, we’re happy to remove all of it for you. We will even come in after you have moved out if you want, and just do a complete cleanout. We give and recycle whatever we can and are as eco-friendly as we can be.


Post-Move-In Cleanup

We don’t get these requests as often, but we still get this type of call sometimes – rental situations, foreclosures, inherited properties. “We only took over a property and the previous tenants left old junk EVERYWHERE” These can be interesting as previous owners can leave all grades of garbage. Broken TVs, couches, loveseats, misc tables, garage stuff, – usually broken, old non-working items are what is left around. Occasionally we need to remove old clunkers. Junk construction materials that were left-over. We can remove, although we don’t do tremendous amounts of construction material, all of it and get your yard and home spotless

There’s no end to the stuff that individuals want to be removed from their homes. Helping a homeowner take back their home, get stuff inside their home, get junk OUT of their property, cleaning up a crowded area, and even helping a true or “about to be” hoarder get things back in shape are all quite fulfilling for us at McJunk.

Learn why we are the BEST at home junk removals in the Triangle!

Business Junk Removal in Holly Springs NC

Business offices sometimes move locations, that just part of doing buisness. It’s the ideal opportunity to eliminate built up old office equipment, desks, chairs, old electronics including cubicle components, computers and pieces and anything else that has been gathering dust. Offices build things up over time like residential houses, sometimes even more so. Things that look “too good ” to simply throw away – and possibly may be used down the road in a pinch. We have ALL had those things. Eventually, these things just need to be thrown away like the junk that they are.

McJunk is the junk removal company you should contact for your cleaning needs, regardless of quantity. We can move as much or little as you need. We can clean out desks in a room to make room for new furniture, or we can clean out an entire floor and leave nothing but clean walls, it’s completely up to you. We are load-based so you won’t pay for more than we haul out of there for you.

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Real Estate Management – Holly Springs NC Cleanouts

We imagine you’ve had more than several homeowners move out while leaving a good deal of garbage if you’re in any sort of property management business. Maybe they weren’t particularly content ABOUT being moved out. We are not insensitive to the requirements of property management businesses and understand the situations that may develop. Having said that, we’re certainly awesome at getting everything gone – and doing it fast. Just like we clean out residential properties, we can clean out local apartments, condos, rental houses, rental trailers. We can get it gone, whether it is old unwanted equipment or simply junk.

Our crews work efficiently with property managers throughout the Raleigh area and obviously in the Holly Springs NC, and full Wake area. McJunk will efficiently pick up unwanted stuff and get the property ready for final cleaning, painting, carpeting and ready to be re-rented or put on the market. If you need junk removal for property management organizations – seriously consider McJunk for your FIRST call! You won’t at all regret it.